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Out-of-the-Box Eating with Dr. Deanna Minich

 Eat your way to personal growth!

Show me your plate, I'll tell you who you are.

My mission is to guide individuals to understanding and enriching their relationship with foods and eating for the purpose of healing body and soul.

"Our relationship to food and eating is symbolic of how we approach everything else in our lives."

The way we approach foods and eating is a tiny window into the landscape of how we live life. Do you feel that you are confused by what to eat? Have you lost touch with your body’s wisdom in knowing which foods are best for you in any given moment? Is your life chaotic and stress-filled, and eating is either simply another task or a quiet refuge to sink your feelings into? The answers we are so earnestly craving lie before us – at the dining room table, at the restaurant, at the grocery store, and in the garden. Within the eating experiences are planted the true root of what needs healing at our innermost core. When we pay attention to what our body requires and view foods as healing, we get right to the heart of why we have manifested dysfunctional lives, imbalanced bodies, and restless souls. "Three meals a day, 365 days a year, for an average lifespan of 76 years would mean that we have 84,000 opportunities to have meaningful, healing interactions with food!"

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